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Learn Cantonese Vocabulary with Gengo Audio Flashcards

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Gengo Flashcards - Cantonese

Learn Cantonese just like a native Cantonese speaker!

In just minutes a day, learn to properly pronounce and read an unlimited number of Cantonese words!

Gengo Flashcards provides a revolutionary way for you to quickly grow your vocabulary. The application combines visual cues with the voices of native speakers to provide you with the most effective method of learning and retaining hundreds of vocabulary words. With these special flashcards, were adding another sensory receptor to your learning experience so youll learn Cantonese that much faster! Youre now learning just like a native speaker.

Unlimited Number of Flashcards!

Carefully designed to never be outgrown, Gengo Flashcards Cantonese will help you quickly remember vocabulary words for years to come. Simply snap a picture of anything, add the Cantonese and English and you have a new flashcard. Average flashcard can be created in under 30 seconds.

Learn to Read the words and proper pronuncation

Yet another sense will get involved in the learning process to help you master speaking Cantonese in no time at all! Hear proper pronuncation while you see each word in Cantonese.

Test yourself with fun audio-enabled vocabulary quizzes!

Theres nothing like a little competition (even against yourself) to really heighten your abilities. Test yourself with fun vocabulary quizzes. Find out where your weak points are so that you can go back and review by listening to each word again or using the game or flashcard program.

* Comes with 250 flashcards!
* Expandable to an unlimited number!
* Quick Pronunciation & Accent Review
* Vocabulary Retention Builder
* Fun Review Quizzes
* 2 Applications in 1: Flashcard Mode and Game Mode
* Easily Create Picture Flashcards with Audio

The is the fastest, easiest and most fun way to build your Cantonese vocabulary.

Easily master every word in the application as you commute to work or school, while waiting for someone, workout at the gym, or any other time you have a few minutes of time.

NOTE: Card creation is not currently supported on the iPod Touch.

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